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...being the next Uber, Amazon or AirBnb

March 7, 2019

Direct Mkting Opinion

Everyone talks about ‘being the next Uber, Amazon or AirBnb’ or one of the many leading tech companies that have gone on to revolutionise their industry. Well, we believe we are just about to go and do that for Gold Coast Real Estate with our new technology launching next week….EasyBid. What is it? In short, […]


February 28, 2019


REAL ESTATE ‘CLICK BAIT’ Our friends at Elite Agent, namely Samantha McLean, raised the topic of real estate ‘click bait’ and how it is great for the news outlets but bad for the economy. The truth of the matter is that buyers, sellers, agents, developers etc. all at some point or another become frustrated with […]

Under Contract? An agent's job isn't done yet...

February 21, 2019

Direct Mkting Opinion

We have hit form in early 2019 with 6 properties under contract. Some agencies promote properties once they become under contract as though it is a done deal. Open for inspections stop, property promotions stop, buyer interaction stops. Why don’t we advertise properties that are under contract? Until they are unconditional they are not sold […]


February 14, 2019

Article Opinion

A growing number of Melbourne and Sydney residents have settled for paying rent and forgoing buying property in their excessively expensive cities. Instead, people are looking outside their states to snag a bargain and get on the property ladder, experts say, and both Hobart and the Gold Coast are benefiting from this trend. More than […]

Want to make some $$$?

February 7, 2019

Direct Mkting Opinion

The dominant story this week has been the Royal Commission but true to form we are going to veer away from that for now in an attempt to provide you with value particular to your needs in this week’s newsletter. (In depth article from our friends from Elite Agent linked at the bottom). Let’s discuss […]